Strawberry and Cream - Grain Free

£ 4.95

Strawberries are known to support a healthy immune system. They are packed with Vitamins C which help reduce inflammation and cognitive aging. Vitamin B1, which is required for carbohydrate digestion. Enhances the body’s immunological response. Essential for brain function and B6 which Promotes healthy cognitive function.

Pumpkin Seeds contain Amino Acid Cucurbitacin, which helps paralyze and eliminates parasites from the digestive tract. Omega-3 which supports healthy brain function and joints. Fibre, which supports a healthy digestive system.

Coconut Yogurt contains beneficial probiotics and enzymes that help dogs digest their food, it is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which supports muscle strength.

Suitable for 6 Months +

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Analytical Consituents Composition
Crude Protein 25%Coconut Yogurt
Crude Oils & Fats16%Strawberry22%
Crude Fibre7%Chickpea Flour
Crude Ash4%Coconut Flour